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Bridging loans

Unlock swift property transactions with bridging loans, offering immediate cash flow solutions tailored to your needs.

1. Purchasing a New Home: Explore the advantages of bridging loans for securing your dream home while still in possession of your current property. Mitigate the risk of missing out on appealing opportunities with prompt decision-making support.

2. Property Development: Dive into how property developers leverage bridging loans to acquire, refurbish and enhance properties before refinancing or selling for profit.

3. Auction Purchases: Navigate the fast-paced world of property auctions with ease. Access quick funds to provide immediate deposits and settle purchase prices within tight deadlines.

4. Breaking Property Chains: Say goodbye to delays in property transactions caused by chain-linked sales. Bridge the gap between buying and selling properties, reducing the risk of chain collapses.

Bridging Loan Features:

  • Borrow 100% of your property purchase priceFund the entire purchase by leveraging additional securities
  • Loan Size: Ranging from a minimum of £25,000 to £35,000,000, catering to various financing needs.
  • Interest Rates: Competitive rates starting from 0.69% to 1.5% per month, with fixed rates and fees available.
  • Loan-to-Value (LTV): Up to 85% LTV available, maximising your borrowing potential.
  • Term Duration: Flexible terms up to 24 months, ensuring ample time for property transactions.
  • No Minimum Term or Interest Period: Enjoy the freedom to tailor your repayment schedule to your needs.
  • No Minimum Income Requirement: Access bridging finance without strict income criteria, facilitating smoother transactions.

Finance Expert Ltd Bridging Loans Services:

  • Determine suitability and loan type.
  • Comprehensive market rate comparison.
  • Professional negotiation and guidance.
  • Streamlined application process.
  • Support throughout valuation and paperwork.

Application Process:

Step 1: Indicative Quotation: Receive free, objective advice tailored to your needs. 

Step 2: Approval of Decision in Principle (DIP): Swift approval process with comprehensive quote and terms. 

Step 3: Property Valuation and Application: Seamless coordination of valuations and underwriting for a complete offer. 

Step 4: Completion (Drawdown): Effortlessly release funds for your property ventures after completing the loan process.

Experience a seamless property transaction journey with one of the top bridging loan brokers in the UK. Contact us today to streamline your urgent funding requirements with our dedicated bridging loan and commercial department.

Commercial Mortgages

Demystifying Commercial Mortgages: Your Ultimate Guide to Business Property Financing

Unlock the complexities of commercial mortgages with our comprehensive guide, covering loan options from £50,000 to £35 million. Delve into eligibility, interest rates, and lender selection to make informed decisions and drive your business forward.

Embark on a journey through the realm of commercial mortgages, offering tailored financing solutions for businesses like yours.

  • Understanding Commercial Mortgages: Explore the fundamentals of commercial mortgages, a cornerstone of business finance for property acquisitions and developments.
  • Loan Dynamics: Navigate the intricacies of commercial mortgage terms, durations, and repayment structures, ensuring clarity in financial commitments.
  • Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratios: Decode the evaluation process used by lenders to determine borrowing limits based on property values, aligning with your financing needs.
  • Eligibility Assessment: Navigate lender criteria, including trading history and financial documentation requirements, to assess your business’s suitability for financing.
  • Securing Your Investment: Delve into the significance of collateral in securing commercial mortgages, alongside insights into risk management and prudent borrowing practices.
  • Interest Rate Insights: Understand the factors influencing interest rates, customized to fit your financing needs, optimizing borrowing costs.
  • Repayment Strategies: Evaluate various repayment options to align with your business’s cash flow and growth objectives, ensuring financial sustainability.
  • Exploring Mortgage Types: Discover the diverse range of commercial mortgage products, including owner-occupied, buy-to-let, and residential options, to suit your business strategy.

Commercial Mortgage Fees and Lenders:

  • Total Cost Assessment: Understand the breakdown of mortgage costs, including interest rates, fees, and stamp duty land tax implications.
  • Lender Landscape: Explore the three types of commercial mortgage lenders—high street banks, challenger banks, and niche lenders—to identify the best fit for your business goals.

Navigating the Application Process:

  • Documentation Preparation: Gather essential documents, including proof of identity, trading information, and lease agreements, to streamline the application process.
  • Finance Expert Ltd Assistance: Leverage Finance Expert Ltd to connect with the right finance provider, facilitating a faster and easier loan application experience.

Unlock the potential of commercial mortgages for your business property needs. Contact us today for expert guidance and tailored financing solutions.